Can KeepCups be recycled?

Cup, lid and plug

At the end of their life, the cup, lid and plug can be recycled in the same way as you would recycle other plastics, through your household recycling system.


Cork band

Our KeepCup Brew Corks have a natural cork band, made of recycled cork, which can be composted at the end of its life.


Silicone band

Until late 2017, all old silicone bands, soft plastics and defective plastic parts were collected from KeepCup HQ by a commercial recycler. 

It is estimated that until January 2017 up to 70% of the worlds “plastic” recycling was shipped to China.  China is taking action to improve environment and air quality and no longer accepts foreign rubbish.  This presents an enormous issue and an opportunity for industry all over the world to improve and create infrastructure to reduce and reuse. In the meantime there is no recycle option available for our silicone bands in the US, UK or Australia.

We are currently disposing of silicone bands in general waste, but are on the lookout for an alternative. More local manufacturing would help close the loop on waste items by creating a use stream for component waste.




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