Where are KeepCups made?

We support local manufacturing, it builds better communities, responsible supply chain and is better for the planet.  Where possible we seek to manufacture locally. We started the business to reduce disposable cup use, so sustainability considerations underpin every decision we make.

The Victorian manufacturers who make the cups, lids, plugs and boosters have worked with us from the start. Their technical skills and material knowledge has been invaluable to incrementally improving and developing new products over the years. Together with the industrial designers, Cobalt, we could not have done it without them.

We were the very first customer of our silicone band manufacturer in China, and have had the joy of seeing their business grow and flourish.

We grow local production as we get to threshold volume in markets where the volume justifies tooling up locally. In February 2016 we commenced local manufacture of the 12oz plastic cups in the UK, 16oz will follow in early 2017.

Our cork bands come from the ancient cork oak forests of Portugal, made from the off cuts of wine corks. Again we work with another small family business to deliver a great and unique product.

The map below shows where all parts are made and locally assembled.

Component Material Manufacture Location Environment
Lid Polypropylene alloy Australia Recyclable
Plug Polypropylene Australia Recyclable
Plastic Cup Polypropylene Australia/UK Recyclable
Cork Band Cork Portugal Compostable
Glass Cup Tempered soda lime glass China Recyclable
Band Silicone China Commercial recycling
Booster Tritan copolyester Australia Commercial recycling
Retail Box Cardboard Australia/UK FSC material biodegradable
Insert Brochure Paper Australia/UK FSC material biodegradable
Outer Cartons Cardboard Australia/UK/US 100% recycled
Assembly Locally assembled by hand in our three warehouse hubs Australia/UK/US  

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