How to use a KeepCup

KeepCups are designed to replace disposable cups in form and function.  They are easy to use and easy to clean.

Thermal - but not a thermos.
Splashproof - but not leakproof.  Store upright and securely after use.


The plug lifts and swivels 90 degrees to open the breather vent and drinking hole. It lifts and swivels again to close.

Remove the plug only for cleaning.Before using for the first time, you should wash the cup, lid, plug and band.

Hand over your KeepCup at your local cafe. Keep the lid.

The barista makes you a great coffee and hands it back to you in your KeepCup.

Put the lid on and you are on your way – light of step and glad of heart.

Drink. Wash. Drink. Wash. Drink. Wash. Drink. Wash.


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