Care- KeepCup LongPlay

LongPlay is designed to increase the usability of KeepCup Brew. The LongPlay band and a booster can be retro fitted to 12/16oz sizes increasing durability, retaining heat and protecting touch.

LongPlay will be warm to touch when filled with hot liquid. If hot, moisture may be trapped between the walls or booster not fitted correctly. Disassemble and clean to reduce heat transfer.

For best thermal results, heat glass with hot water before filling. 

For everyday use, clean with a quick rinse. Once a week take it fully apart to remove moisture between the twin walls. Allow to dry complete before assembly. KeepCup LongPlay is designed to be taken apart for cleaning.

Scuffing/scratching will occur over time.

Do not microwave.

Watch KeepCup LongPlay and Booster assembly instructions

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