How do I use my KeepCup?

The plug swivels to open the breather vent and drinking hole and then swivels again to close.

The band insulates your hand from your hot beverage.

Hand over your KeepCup at your local cafe. Keep the lid.

The barista makes you a great coffee and hands it back to you in your KeepCup.

Put the lid on and you are on your way – light of step and glad of heart.

The KeepCup is not a fully sealed vessel and has been designed to replace disposable cups - keep this in mind when it comes to usage! The KeepCup does not have thermal properties so we encourage reusers to drink their coffee whilst it's nice and hot. 

When it comes to drinking, we find some reusers can get a little confused and end up with some droplets coming out of the plug hole. Please see the below image showing how to drink out of the KeepCup. If tilted too far on an angle dripping will occur 

Drink. Wash. Drink. Wash. Drink. Wash. Drink. Wash. Enjoy!

It is important to note the below images as a reference on how the lid and plug components work together; 

Rotate your plug to the side and lock into the indent when in use

When not in use, make sure you lock the lid over the mouth piece. Never leave your plug resting between both indents like below: 

When not sipping on your coffee, keep the plug locked into the mouth piece indent: 


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