Replacement parts and spare parts

Yes we encourage you to replace parts rather than order a new KeepCup.  Please check the table below as some parts are not interchangeable.

Replacement parts are available here.

Part XS Lid & Plug Original Lid & Plug Lid & Plug Booster & Band
4oz Original Y N N N
6oz Original Y N N N
8oz Original N  Y Y N
12oz Original N Y Y N
16oz Original N Y Y N
8oz Brew N N Y N
12oz Brew N N Y Y
16oz Brew N N Y Y

Lids for KeepCup Brew - glass

Each KeepCup Brew is made from blown glass and are hand assembled in our warehouses.

The nature of glass blowing means there are subtle variations in the circumference of each glass.

Each glass is quality checked by our warehouse team to perfectly match your lid. We cannot guarantee a perfect seal if lids are changed. You are welcome to purchase a new coloured band and plug to mix up the appearance of your KeepCup Brew, however, it is not recommended to change the lid of your Brew glass tumbler as we cannot guarantee fit.

If the Brew is 12 or 16oz you can order a booster to create KeepCup LongPlay.  The booster is great for intemperate climates and extremely hot and cold drinks.

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