My cork band is broken

Oh no! Cork is a delicate natural material, it will not last forever. Replacement cork bands can be purchased here.

Specific care instructions are provided:

  • A sticker on the product
  • On the retail box
  • On the care instructions
  • With each replacement cork

The glass tumbler has an indentation that holds the cork band in place.

The cork band has a lip to fit the indentation in the glass.

Repeated or careless removal of the cork born will cause it to break and crack.

The cork band can be removed carefully with risk and responsibility on the user.

If the cork band becomes waterlogged, it may expand and slip off the glass tumbler.

Once applied, please do not remove the cork band from the cup and wash gently by hand only.

Cork can weaken if it is handled when still wet so let the cork thoroughly dry prior to its next use.

If your cork band breaks within its first 30 days we will replace with proof of purchase.

To receive a new cork band and benefit future customers please complete the following steps:

  1. Send a photo of the damaged cork to our customer service team.
  2. Include order number and date of purchase
  3. Provide address details to send replacement part
  4. Please retain the other parts as we only replace damaged components

We are happy to provide you with a new band as long as you’re happy to pay for the postage. Please note if you purchased your band over 30 days ago, replacement parts are available here.

You can compost your cork band, dig it into the garden.

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