Help, my glass tumbler has broken

Oh no.

We have toughened the glass through tempering to make it more robust, but glass breaks.  You might consider LongPlay for added durability if you use 12/16oz.

If you have proof of purchase and it breaks within 30 days send us an email with a photo of the glass and a proof of purchase.

Please complete the following steps:

  1. Send a photo of the broken glass cork to our customer service team.
  2. Include order number and date of purchase
  3. Provide address details to send replacement part
  4. Please retain the other parts as we only replace damaged components

We will then be able to send you out a new glass and will just get you to cover the cost of postage. Hold onto the components (lid, plug, band) so that your cup can be reassembled. If your cup perishes outside the 30 day grace period you can purchase a new glass here.

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