Help, my KeepCup is leaking

Your KeepCup is a splash proof vessel, it is not a sealed container. KeepCup was conceived as an easy to use product that replicates the functionality of a disposable cup.

If overfilled, tipped vertically or upside down, the plug hole will leak.  

Its not that, still leaking...

Is it KeepCup Original?

You will be able to diagnose the issue. Run your hand around the rim of the cup and the inside surface of the lid. There will be a bump, or nick causing the leak, either on the rim of the cup or just inside the lid.

The old lids cannot be used on glass. Purchase here.

The new lids require a new plug. Purchase here.

Is it KeepCup Brew?

As the lid is hand fitted to the glass, most likely we need to replace both the lid and the glass. Contact our customer service team with the following:

  1. A video of the lid being placed on and removed from the glass.
  2. Order details: time, place and date.
  3. Hold onto the band and the plug.  We may get you to return the cup and lid for testing.

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